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Carroll County, MD Public Records

Carroll County public records encompass documentary material related to the government's activities and operations. These records can take various forms, such as typed or handwritten documents, films, maps, photographs, tape recordings, or computerized files. The Carroll County Circuit Court provides access to marriage and divorce certificates. However, for marriage records issued after January 1, 2007, individuals should refer to the Maryland Department of Health (MDH), Division of Vital Records. These records are confined to the record subjects, their attorneys, or authorized representatives. Carroll County birth and death records from 1969 can be obtained from the MDH Division of Vital Records. However, they are only available to the registrant, the subject's parents or legal guardian, surviving spouse, or authorized representatives. Requesters can access the property records through Carroll County Circuit Court Clerk.

Courts in Carroll County

Court Records in Carroll County, Maryland

Carroll County court records pertain to various written materials produced or submitted in relation to legal affairs and proceedings. Access to Carroll County court records is available to the public unless specific statutes, laws, court orders, or rules limit such access. Individuals can obtain public records from the Carroll County court by providing case details and paying the required duplication fees. Interested individuals can access civil and criminal case records at the Carroll County Circuit Court Clerk's Office. Some records may not be accessible to all parties, though, like juvenile data, abuse victims, child custody, or ongoing criminal investigations. Requesters may access information concerning child sex offenders living in Carroll County can be accessed by submitting a completed request form to the Carroll County Sheriff's Office Sex Offender Registry Unit. They are responsible for sex offender registration in the county.

Court Name:
101 North Court Street

Jails and Prisons in Carroll County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Carroll County, Maryland

Carroll County inmate records are open for inspections per Public Information Act (PIA) and carry information regarding individuals arrested, booked, or incarcerated in correctional facilities. Interested individuals can request an inmate's record from the Carroll County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) Record Unit by completing a request form with the inmate's name, date of birth, or booking number. Only individuals on the approved visitation list can visit inmates at the Carroll County jails. Visitors are also mandated to wear appropriately and provide government-issued identification on arrival. The facility has a limit of three visitors per inmate at any given time. Carroll County has three correctional facilities catering to 167,319 individuals across 448 square miles. Compared to the other 23 counties in Maryland, the County ranks 17th in the number of Jails & Prisons per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:
100 North Court Street

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Carroll County

Arrest Records in Carroll County, Maryland

Carroll County Arrest Records include information about an individual's criminal history record. The information in arrest records may include the individual's name, date of birth, physical description, mugshot, and charges filed against them. Individuals interested in Carroll arrest records can contact the Carroll County Sheriff's Office. To obtain Carroll County arrest records, individuals are required to complete a request form, providing all necessary information. And then submit it to the Carroll County Sheriff's Office along with the applicable fees. The charges are 25 cents for each report page, $10 for a CD/DVD, and $35 for every hour of research conducted beyond the initial two hours. However, certain records may be withheld if they contain sensitive, confidential, or details of pending investigations. Carroll County is home to 12 Police Departments, and the crime rate is 19.33 incidents per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:

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